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Lehrstuhl für Bürgerliches Recht, Immaterialgüter- und Wirtschaftsrecht (Zivilrecht VIII) – Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal, LL.M.

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Conference announcement: Algorithmic Bias and EU Non-Discrimination Policy

On 8 October, Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal cordially invites you to participate in a Zoom-Conference on Algorithmic Bias and EU Non-Discrimination Policy.

Please take note of the programme for further information.


The participation is free of charge. Please register by sending an email to the following email adress until Thursday, October 7th: ls-zivilrecht8@uni-bayreuth.de

Automated decision-making systems are increasingly used in all areas of life, including important areas such as employment, insurance, education and surveillance. This has led to vivid discussions among computer and social scientists concerning the fair and non-discriminatory application of such technologies. The EU Commission´s recent proposal for an "Artificial Intelligence Act" also addresses the topic of fairness and non-discrimination.

The conference brings together jurists from all over Europe to discuss the ramifications of algorithmic bias for the law. Topics covered include the importance of data (quality) for fair and non-discriminatory AI (Panel 1), the regulation of AI technology via existing non-discrimination law as well as the proposal for an AI-Act (Panel 2) and the significant enforcement challenges in the realm of algorithmic decision-making (Panel 3).


Introduction (9.00 CET)Einklappen
  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal, LL.M., Welcome
  • Paul Nemitz, LL.M., Regulating Algorithmic Bias - The Legal Perspective
  • Discussion
  • Break
Panel 1: Algorithmic Bias and Data (10.15 CET)Einklappen
  • Dr. Félicien Vallet, Gaëtan Goldberg, LL.M., European Data Protection and Non-Discrimination Law - How do they relate?
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker, LL.M., Legal Requirements for Al Training Data
  • Discussion
Lunch Break (12 CET)Einklappen
Panel 2: Algorithmic Bias and Fairness (13 CET)Einklappen
  • Prof. Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesuis, LL.M., Applying EU Non-Discrimination Law to AI-driven Discrimination
  • Dr. Raphaele Xenidis, LL.M., Non-Discrimination by Design under the Proposed Artificial Intelligence Act
  • Discussion
  • Break
Panel 3: Algorithmic Bias and Law Enforcement (15 CET)Einklappen
  • Prof. Dr. Caroline Meller-Hannich, Enforcement of Non-Discrimination Law in the context of Machine Learning
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Ottolia, LL.M., Trade Secrets - A Challenge for the Enforcement of Non-Discrimination Law?
  • Discussion
Closing Remarks (16.45 CET)Einklappen
  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal, LL.M.


  • Paul Nemitz, LL.M.
  • Dr. Félicien Vallet
  • Gaëtan Goldberg, LL.M.
  • Prof. Dr. Philipp Hacker, LL.M.
  • Prof. Dr. Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesuis, LL.M.
  • Dr. Raphaele Xenidis, LL.M.
  • Prof. Dr. Caroline Meller-Hannich
  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Ottolia, LL.M.


  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Janal, LL.M.
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